The environment concerns us all!

Rabopak B.V. works exclusively with paper that is made of wood from forests that has an replanting obligation. In these forests even more trees are planted than thackled. Also our other raw materials are sustainable.
We use waterinks that are produced on vegetable base and the glues we use are produced on base of potato starch.

Very special are ouw eco-brown snackbags and eco-brown paper carrierbags.
Our unbleached paper is free of chlorine, compostable and recyclable, specially produced for your Snack packaging. Our eco-packaging is suitable for foodcontact and has the same operating characteristics as our standard snackpackaging. Ask your wholesaler for it.

Rabopak B.V. is FSC® certified, we can deliver our packaging products with FSC® certificate. The resources we use are coming from reliable managed forests.

Click here for our FSC-certificate

Environmentally conscious doesn't have to be expensive!


Zullen wij samen wat voor het milieu doen?
Private printing is possible.
Supplying only via wholesalers. per
10blekk8713681206488Eco-frikandelbags narrownr. 108/6×32 cm10 kg
11blekk8713681206495Eco-frikandelbags widenr. 1110/6×32 cm10 kg
22blekk8713681206501Eco-snackbags 1 onsnr. 229/5×18 cm10 kg
23blekk8713681206518Eco-snackbags 1½ onsnr. 2310/6×21 cm10 kg
25blekk8713681206525Eco-snackbags ½ pnd perfonr. 2511/8×27 cm10 kg
27blekk8713681206532Eco-snackbags 1 pnd perfonr. 2713/8½×32 cm10 kg
28blekk8713681206549Eco-snackbags 2 pnd perfonr. 2816/10½×32 cm10 kg
29blekk8713681206556Eco-snackbags 3 pnd perfonr. 2916/10½×38 cm10 kg
K14blekk8713681206587Eco-Cones brown greaseproofk14open side 14 cm5 kg
K17blekk8713681206594Eco-Cones brown greaseproofk17open side 17 cm5 kg
K21blekk8713681206600Eco-Cones brown greaseproofk21open side 21 cm5 kg
miblekk8713681206563Eco-paper-carrybagsmedium26×17×26 cm400 st
grblekk8713681206570Eco-paper-carrybagslarge32×18×26 cm300 st

All these items are FSC® certified FSC®