Rabo Partnership:

  • Competent advice
  • Short delivery times
  • Delivery from stock
  • Own production
  • Family business with short lines
  • All products FSC® certified

Who are we

Rabopak B.V. exist more then 80 years. In that time it became the biggest manufacturer of packaging products for the fast food. Rabopak B.V. deliver their products only to wholesalers in the catering industry.

Rabopak B.V. - Bedrijfsaanzicht
Rabopak B.V. - Productvoorbeelden


With 13 productionline is Rabopak B.V. the number 1 manufacturer of paper bags, papercones and paper carrierbags.


Rabopak B.V. has more then ten own lines paperbags and papier carrierbags with neutral print on stock. Wholesalers could order this and deliver it to fast food companies.

Rabopak B.V. - Assortiment
Rabopak B.V. - FSC® keurmerk


All products of Rabopak B.V. are FSC® certified. Rabo Verpakkingen is always following the new developments to improve their environment. All our resources are produced by the REACH regulations and are able to come in foodcontact.